Delay (Anti Premature ejaculation)

Anti premature ejaculation pillsDelay is a one-of-a-kind formula that GUARANTEES that you will regain control over your sexual performance. Delay works by slowing hormone production, so after taking just one dose, you will find that you have extended penetration time. A lot of guys claim they can last an additional 5 or 10 minutes after just a few days using Delay.

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What does the Anti Premature Ejaculation Pills do?

This herbal formula is produced using exotic plants from India that have been utilized for 3 decades to fight premature ejaculation. You will be able to control when you ejaculate within the first week, and there will not be any loss of sensitivity. Actually, a lot of users stated that they felt greater pleasure upon attaining orgasm. Extended use of Delay over several months may achieve a lasting solution to this issue.


How should Delay pills be taken?

The regular dosage amount is two tablets per day. The pills should be taken on a daily basis and especially during the first month, it is important that you do not skip a dose. The effect is noticeable following a single week of use.

What does the Capsules contain?

• Aspargus adscendens    30 mg
• Crocus Sativus    10 mg
• Hygrophila Sopinosa    30 mg
• Red Suiphide of Mercury    20 mg
• Comelian    10 mg
• Orchis Latifolia    20 mg
• Mucuna pruriens    80 mg
• Tin. Lead & zinc    30 mg
• Tribulus terrestris    30 mg
• Myristica fragrans howt    10 mg
• Ancyclus pyrethrum    10 mg
• Asparagus racemosus    10 mg
• Asphaltum pure    30 mg
• Dhatura metal    10 mg
• Withania Somnifera    80 mg
• Myristica fragrans mace    10 mg
• Syzygium aromaticum    10 mg
• Aurum    10 mg
• Hibiscus abelmoschus    10 mg
• Mica purified    40 mg
• Strychonus nuxvomica    10 mg